Dim Sum

The Art of Dimsum

Chinese dim sum originated many years ago during the dynasty period. During this period, only the wealthy or royal families can afford the time and luxury of having a cook to prepare special dim sums. Eventually, tea-houses were introduced which were simple and sparsely furnished. The dim sum offering were common snacks contained in big bamboo baskets carried around by attendants calling out its’ contents to attract interest.

The style and form of dim sum has evolved and refined over the years. Each region of China offers their own unique specialties but the most popular selections come from Canton and Hong-Kong. During the 70s when Hong-Kong enjoyed an economic boom, the restaurant business flourished as a result. With intense competition, comes the need for improvement and the mobile dim sum cart with burner food warmers were introduced. Dim sum chefs tried to outshine each other with their many new creations by combining the best from East & West. A newer and more refined style of dim sum culture was born spreading to every corner of the world.

Of course no Chinese meal is complete without the tea. The restaurant offers many selections of fine teas to choose from. Ask your server for his recommendation if your are not sure. The teas range from mild green, medium strong to bold flavor. In the western culture, it is very common to pair a meal with different kinds of wine. In the Asian culture, the emphasis is on the tea as it is a great companion to every meal, whether it is served before, during or after.

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